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5 Tips to get Ready for a Date in the Eleventh Hour

Getting ready for a date is overwhelming and fun. This is one occasion when the girls want everything to be perfect. Most of the women start preparing for the date days before ago. However, there are occasions when you plan an instant outing. This is a tricky situation when you can’t deny the invitation of your special one and at the same time you just can’t compromise with your looks.

Have you been in such a situation before? Check out the steps listed below and make sure that you dress to the nines within minutes for the next unplanned date.

Step 1: Choose the attire

This is probably the most difficult and time-taking thing. It is better to stick to the conventional way when you are short of time. Wear anything that suits your personality. Don’t try any thing new or something that is untried. Sort out a couple of dresses and take the advice of your friend in choosing one of them.

Step 2: Makeup

Elegance is the sexiest way get ready for the date. Even men prefer their girlfriends in light makeup. So, just wash your face properly and apply a layer of base. Choose the shade of lipstick that matches the attire and your personality. Focus on the eye makeup as they provide an instant glamour to your look.

Step 3: Select footwear

The footwear reflects the personality of a woman, so, be very careful in choosing one. Since, you didn’t get the time to try the different style, stick to the one that matches the outfit and is comfortable at the same time. In case you are going for the heels, then, make sure that you can handle them properly.

Step 4: Hairstyle

Getting the desired hairstyle in the last minute in difficult. Hair extensions will help you in this case. Keep a collection of clip in hair extensions in your collection. Something like the burgundy hair extension is an ideal option for such occasions.

Step 5: Accessorize

Jazz up your look with the right ensemble of accessories. You need not over-the-board. Just team up a pair of earring, neck piece and bracelet with the attire and you’ll get him hooked.

Unplanned date are even more fun. So, focus on enjoying the day instead of your looks. Keep it simple and sophisticated and just enjoy the day.


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