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Fashion School

I made it into an official fashion school in Prague (  I am so happy I made it, its like a dream come true the only sad part is I cannot go - mostly got to do with money. The entry exam was a challenge comprised of three parts: 1. I had to hand in a minimum of 10 pieces of work done at home. I only applied to the school two weeks before the exam - I really didn't have much time. Here's some of the stuff I handed in:   2. The first day of the exam, I had to draw and paint (a portrait, fantasy and fashion illustrations) - I wish I took pictures :( 3. The second day of the exam i.e. the final day, I had to sew, write an English language test and go for an interview. The sewing part was really cool - so like project runway.  The interview was a disaster after going in there I practically never wanted to even make it into the school. I was prejudged even before I started the interview. Otherwise, it was a great experience. Th